Coronavirus Shines a Spotlight on Telemedicine

Digital medicine is making strides towards the mainstream as people seek remote healthcare in an effort to avoid hospitals and clinics

Air Doctor scores $7.8M to connect travellers with local doctors

Air Doctor, the health tech startup that connects travellers with local doctors, has raised $7.8 million in Series A funding.

Entrepreneurs: Apricity’s Caroline Noublanche on providing fertility health support the digital way

e global spread of coronavirus has forced us all indoors and seeking digital alternatives to face-to-face interactions…

“Femtech” moves beyond the fertility app

It was the popularity of fertility tracking apps like Clue and Ava Health that first peaked the interest of global investors in femtech startups catering for overlooked women’s issues.

What the future holds for insurance and healthcare

Making data smart can lead to a number of advantages including better insights into risk and pricing, a more streamlined sales process to avoid repetitive form filling, improved understanding of…

Insurtech startup Akur8 raises $8.9M from BlackFin and MTech Capital

Far from replacing humans, Artificial Intelligence is actually coming to the aid of a very old profession that has fallen out of fashion to such an extent that people are increasingly not joining it. I speak of the rarified world of the Actuary.

Budget 2020: What does the Red Box mean for UK tech firms?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak today unveiled a raft of new fiscal measures as he vowed to deliver on the government’s promise of “levelling up” the UK.

Israeli start-up Ibex helps detect cancer using AI

Ibex offers an important contribution in facing two challenges, the shortage of pathologists and the occurrence of human errors

AXA-Backed Kamet Taps Israeli Health Ministry Exec for Insurtech Incubator

Until recently, Ravit Warsha Dor served as head of innovation at the Israeli health ministry’s digital health department.

A weekend spent talking about the ‘Future of Health’ in the land of fire and ice

Earlier this month I participated in a truly unique conference – an outdoor weekend-adventure in Iceland…