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Innovation is at the heart of all we do. The health and insurance sectors are undergoing seismic changes and we have created a unique model focused on building market-leading companies that will disrupt our way of life.

The pillars of our culture


User-centricity is our design philosophy


Self awareness and humility


Strong entrepreneurial mindset is a core value


Kindness allows room for error

We are looking to combine the uncombinable. For the entrepreneurs who never lose sight of the big picture but aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and turn vision into reality. The thinkers, the problem-solvers and the curious ones. Those who like to challenge the status quo but are open to challenging their own convictions. People who understand that when passion, ambition and creativity join together, they can produce the change the world needs.

We are on a mission to improve lives. We want to help people live safer, longer, and more rewarding lives by offering them new solutions to longstanding problems.

We are building the future of health and insurance and are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs to join us. If you would like to embark on this journey, please check out the job listings below.

Why did you join Kamet?

I am excited to join Kamet Ventures and work on finding innovative solutions to the most challenging issues in healthcare today including mental health, digital pathology, and ageing. This is an exciting time to be in digital health as governments and insurers are waking up to the opportunities that digital technology offers. Kamet’s platform and investment model is one of a kind and I’m looking forward to exploiting its unique framework for technological innovation, its strong team and strategic funding to bring advanced digital health solutions to market.
Ravit Warsha - Partner, healthcare

Why did you join Kamet?

Kamet really encourages professional and personal development, I joined as an “Entrepreneur in residence” then I was given the opportunity to lead the Tech department of Qare. I enjoy being given enough personal ownership to create something on my own that people can actually touch, feel and use.
Alexandre Brel - CTO of Qare

Why Kamet appears as the best structure for you?

Innovating in both the online and the automotive world requires a very specific knowledge which only a company like Kamet can offer. Combining its close links with AXA and its expertise in the auto industry with Kamet experts in Product/UX experience, digital marketing, and speed of execution, Fixter can launch and iterate fast in a competitive market. Financial backing from Kamet and early partnerships with AXA should allow us to deploy across Europe a lot faster than our competitors. In short, Kamet is the best structure to help Fixter scale.
Limvirak Chea - CEO of Fixter

What is the competitive advantage with Kamet?

For any startup in the Insurtech space, access to data creates an unfair competitive advantage and Kamet brings this type of edge. Also through Kamet we have access to expert teams in various fields including protection products, data science and machine learning inside AXA Group. In addition, Kamet is offering administrative and structural support which allows a total focus on execution.
David Vanek - Entrepreneur in residence
David V

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