TrueNorth brings unprecedented automation to claims investigation and settlement (initially) in the global shipping indus-
try – made possible by the progressive development of measuring and transmitting devices in both reefer and dry cargo containers, which is reaching a tipping point.

Its machine-learning cargo claims analysis platform (several patents pending) uses telematics data collected by sensors
fitted to containers to understand the circumstances surrounding damage to transported goods, and helps to pinpoint

Datasets collected by operators’ own in-container sensors are able to monitor such factors as routing and location, handling
characteristics, light exposure, heat and humidity, shock and impacts – all of which can be transmitted and analysed for
insurance purposes by TrueNorth.

Assessment of damage is conducted objectively and instantly (within 1 second), with critical events mapped and un-
derstood, and liability correctly assigned – a near-impossible task for human surveyors, who view the cargo after the fact.

Offices: Tel Aviv

Segment: Mobility

Investment: Seed stage