Kamet is a venture inventor and builder

We are focused on creating breakthrough companies that will redefine the sectors of InsurTech, HealthTech and Mobility as we know them today

We invent
We incubate
We build
We scale
Who we are

Who we are

We build disruptive companies from the ground up.

We provide a unique framework for ideation and experimentation. We support the development and launch of new businesses by providing extensive operational support and privileged access to our network of market-leading advisers and experts.

We invent

We choose game-changing ideas that have the potential to transform the insurtech, healthtech and mobility sectors.

We incubate

We use a design-centric approach to deliver rapid technological innovation.

We build

We combine art and science to craft companies brick by brick.

We scale

We have a deep focus on the user experience and product enhancement.

Our focus


We are reinventing access to healthcare to deliver a more patient-centric experience and a more effective gateway to medical services and information. We use data to improve the efficiency and enhance the quality of medical diagnosis. Our projects are focused on automating diagnostics, leveraging data to improve care pathways, building platforms to foster specialist co-operation and creating a more personalised healthcare system. Our ultimate aim is to deliver better outputs in the most efficient manner possible.


Our insurtech ventures focus heavily on the ability to leverage data throughout the entire insurance process: from underwriting to product development, pricing and claim management tailoring, personalising products, and capitalising on the opportunities offered by digital commerce. We question every element of the value chain to redefine the paradigms on which our industry is built. We develop algorithms to improve pricing models and streamline claims management. Our ability to innovate through data, coupled with our unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the industry and tech ecosystems, is paramount.


We are working to support innovation in a world of changing mobility. Even if cars are likely to disappear in the very long term, they are here for the foreseeable future. This transformation will occur over a long period, during which insurers, leasing companies and OEMs will fight for hegemony over fleet management services. Our command of data and a deep understanding of market need mean we have already been able to offer a step-change in driver management systems that benefit everyone – from insurer to vehicle owner to driver to other road users to emergency services.

What we do

Founder describing his vision next to a whiteboard

We develop and test hundreds of ideas

We identify under-served markets with technological or regulatory discontinuity and aim to build scalable services that provide solutions to a real market problem. Once we’ve selected the best ideas, we team up with co-founders to turn them into companies fit for the global market.

Developer writing code

We build companies

We create new ventures by combining ideas, talents and capital. We provide our start-ups and teams with the right environment to enable rapid product development and launch.

Whiteboard with wireframes and sticky notes

Our approach

Our approach is designed to be both pragmatic and creative. Our ideation and research process is uniquely extensive and rigorous, delving into ethnographic factors to achieve maximum understanding of specific markets and audiences.  We challenge ideas and intuition with fact and reality – and challenge fact and reality with intuition and ideas.

Kamet in a nutshell

Kamet Ventures is a venture inventor and builder focused on creating breakthrough companies that will redefine the sectors of insurtech, healthtech and mobility as we know them today. Since its inception in 2016, Kamet’s ideation lab has churned out more than 500 original ideas through a unique process centred around identifying gaps in the market, investigating hypotheses, carrying out extensive ethnographic and data research, and partnering with world-class entrepreneurs to ultimately build and scale market-leading companies. To date, we have built industry leaders across telemedicine, life insurance, pathology and care. With offices across London, Paris and Tel Aviv, Kamet Ventures is committed to combining art and science to foster exceptional innovation.

Our ventures