Who we are

We build disruptive companies from the ground up.

We provide a unique framework for ideation and experimentation. We support the development and launch of new businesses by providing extensive operational support and privileged access to our network of market-leading advisers and experts.


We invent

We choose gamechanging ideas that have the potential to transform the insurtech and healthech sectors.


We incubate

We use a design thinking approach to quickly validate a solution and modify it when necessary to develop a sustainable and valuable business.


We build

We believe in execution. We use our building process to craft companies brick by brick.


We scale

We launch rapidly, we focus on a great user experience and enhance the product to scale the business.

Our focus


We are reinventing access to healthcare to deliver a more patient-centric experience, and a more effective gateway to medical services and information. We use data to improve the efficiency and enhance the quality of medical diagnosis. Our projects concentrate on reinventing access, automating diagnostics, leveraging data to improve care pathways, building platforms to foster specialist co-operation and creating a more personalised healthcare system. Our ultimate aim is to deliver better outputs in the most efficient manner possible.


We’re investing in disruptive business ideas. Our insurtech ventures focus heavily on the ability to leverage data throughout the insurance processes – from underwriting to product development, pricing and claim management tailoring and personalising products, and capitalizing on the opportunities offered by digital commerce. We question every element of the value chain to redefine the paradigms on which our industry is built. We’re developing algorithms to improve pricing models and streamline claims management. Our ability to innovate through data – coupled with our unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the industry and tech ecosystems – is paramount.

What we do

From idea to business

we develop

A unique approach to innovation

We look to identify “pain points” – places in people’s lives and experiences where smart thinking and carefully crafted products could make a positive difference.

For each project, we assemble a broad-based and highly skilled project team, including experts in design, UX and technology, data and analysis, business development, marketing and finance.

We build companies

We build companies

As a startup builder, we create new opportunities by combining ideas, talents and capital.
We provide our startups and teams with the right environment to enable rapid product development and launch.

our approach

Our approach

At Kamet, we are fueled by passion.
Our approach is guided by a user-centric approach. We ensure that changes begin with user insights.
We design, develop and test a minimum viable product with an average target of a 6 months’ timeframe.

Kamet in a nutshell


Founded by three ambitious entreprenours, Stéphane Guinet, Nicolas Bosc and Michael Niddam
fully backed by AXA, the world’s leading insurer
€100 million initial investment over 5 years

Our companies

air doctor

Our offices

A global footprint



9 Mandeville Place
London W1U 3AY
United Kingdom



30 rue Fortuny
Paris 75017

Tel aviv


Mixer House 101 Rokach Blvd
Tel-Aviv 6153101

We are hiring

We are always looking for new talent, feel free to contact us!