Korian, the leading European services group for elderly and fragile people, and Kamet Ventures, a leading European Venture builder with a successful track-record notably in the digital health space, have concluded a strategic partnership aiming at inventing and co-building innovative solutions for better chronic diseases management.

Chronic diseases are a major public health challenge. Defined as long-term conditions with various levels of severity that may not have a cure, the diagnosis of chronic conditions will in most cases considerably impede patients’ quality of life. In addition, chronic diseases are on the rise worldwide. An ageing population and changes in societal behaviour are contributing to a continuous spread of the conditions, exerting pressure on both health systems and professionals.

This new paradigm calls for innovative solutions that shall foster greater prevention and patients personalised care. Both Korian, as a leading healthcare provider, and Kamet Ventures, as part of its wider mission to leverage technology and digital to transform key societal industries, are committed to contribute to address this public health challenge. By joining forces, they ally Korian’s field expertise and resources with Kamet Ventures’ proven innovation capabilities, aiming at launching new solutions that will disrupt the way chronic conditions are handled to date.

Innovation is at the very heart of Korian’s promise to bring the best care, healthcare and hospitality at the side of the elderly and fragile people in the 7 European countries the company is operating in. Through its clinics, nursing homes and even in the developing home care sector, Korian constantly improves, optimizes and even entirely reorganizes its services and processes to guarantee that the group keeps evolving towards the best quality of care. In all efforts on innovation, Korian puts the comfort and the security of its patients, residents and their families, but also of its employees in the center.

Korian has been working for years very closely with digital partners and start-ups in order to foster innovation and create the means to build better and more accessible care solutions for the sector. This partnership agreement with Kamet Ventures is a great opportunity to enhance Korian’s ambition to bring the greatest innovations in the field of chronic disease management to the market.

Anne-Charlotte Dymny, Korian’s Chief Transformation Officer, claims: “Demographicchanges in our European societies are tremendous. By end of the decade, the 65+population will have grown to 126 million people. Digital innovation will be crucial to ensure high quality services – comfort and security wise, that is why at Korian we decided to invest in a promising innovation partnership by bringing in our full European size and pan-European teams’ expertise. Kamet Ventures seems to be the right partner to work with on designing and up-scaling game-changing innovations in the European Digital Health industry.

”Michael Niddam, Kamet's co-founder adds: "We are delighted to launch this partnership with Korian. Their whole organisation is engaged to improve chronic care and bring innovation forward in both inpatient and outpatient settings. We couldn’t dream of a better company to enlist as one of Kamet's partners and continue to deliver cutting edge innovation to the healthcare industry."