Qare is France’s largest, fastest-growing provider of high-quality telemedicine services.  Qare is nothing less than the future of medicine. It disrupts the antiquated appointment-and-waiting-room consultation model with a web-enabled telemedicine platform that allows patients to access help, advice and treatment at their convenience, while giving doctors far greater control over their practices.

It’s a product that’s in tune with 21st-century life – enabling people who are time-pressed, have specialist needs, or are geographically distant, to have direct communication and interaction with the most appropriate practitioners. It’s safe, confidential and easy.

Qare has created unprecedented continuity of care. Patients’ files, notes and results can be easily shared across all the clinicians on the platform, allowing each doctor – whether GP or specialist – to access all relevant information efficiently, and co-ordinate care accordingly. Not only does Qare put patients together with general physicians, its medical network encompasses professionals in more than 40 key specialities including orthopaedics, dermatology, obstetrics & gynaecology, and many others.

The ease and efficiency of the platform means patients are encouraged to seek help at the early onset of symptoms or concerns, rather than delaying or ignoring warning signs, as they are inclined to do when faced with all the inconveniences of overloaded health centres and consulting rooms.

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