Setoo’s vision is that every digital transaction is an occasion to distribute a small protection, for the benefit of both the consumers and merchants. The company enables unlimited numbers of highly customised, low-cost, short-tail products to be easily created and sold by online businesses around the world. In addition, its automated claims settlement capability redefines the value of insurance to purchasers.

Setoo’s platform allows the creation of hundreds of new types of insurance addressing previously unmet needs: poor weather on holiday, late deliveries, broken goods, cancellation, theft, malfunctioning digital products, allergies, and more.

Automation is key: from product manufacturing and underwriting to claims settlement, everything is processed digitally, proactively, and seamlessly, allowing the flexibility to build, test, and sell new products at no additional cost.

Setoo has been named to the DIA Top 100 Insurtechs list.

London, Tel-Aviv, Paris