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Why venture building is the most successful way for big corporates to innovate

Venture building — where companies create a startup to fit a particular business need — is gaining popularity. That may be because survival rates of companies created this way are far higher than you would get through conventional VC investing or through other types of corporate programmes.

Ibex Medical Analytics raises $38M for its AI-powered cancer diagnostic platform

Israel-based Ibex Medical Analytics, which has an AI-driven imaging technology to detect cancer cells in biopsies more efficiently, has raised a $38 million Series B


Insurtech european vcs name the top 26 startups to watch in 2021

We asked Europe’s biggest tech investors to pick the disruptive insurance startups they think will blow up in 2021.

Building the health tech giants of tomorrow

Investment group Kamet Ventures professes to “build disruptive businesses from the ground up” in the health tech sector, as well as in ‘insure-tech’ and mobility

Sifted readers predict what’s in store for 2021

Earlier this week Sifted made some predictions for what will be happening in the world of European tech startups in 2021.

The future of telehealth depends on its quality

Michael Niddam, Co-founder and MD of Kamet Ventures, says questions over quality leave the long-term future of telehealth on a knife-edge

Healthtech and the pandemic: bigger appetite, but smaller stomachs are stifling innovation

Michael Niddam, managing partner Kamet Ventures, examines the disconnect between the growing demand for innovation in healthcare and the capacity of institutions, organisations, and systems to adopt and integrate that innovation.

Term Sheet readers predict which markets will boom in 2021

Each year, we poll Term Sheet readers for what they believe will happen in the upcoming twelve months. And boy do y’all have thoughts.

Interview with Ben Prouty, Co-founder at Child Education App Poncho

Poncho is a platform that supports working parents. Even before the pandemic, parents were having a really hard time juggling work and childcare challenges and with the advent of increased working from home…

COVID-19 exposed the UK’s childcare crisis. Poncho has launched in the UK to address this

Average annual childcare costs reached £6,800 in 2020. New digital startup Poncho, backed by Kamet Ventures, will help businesses support working parents and their kids.

Smart ambulances and wearables offer route to speedier treatments

Service that improves treatment for patients on way to hospital to be introduced across UK after successful trial.

Making lemonade out of lemons: How Kamet’s ventures thrived throughout lockdown

Making lemonade out of lemons has become our unofficial motto over the past few months.

‘To become an entrepreneur, you need to have a little dose of craziness’

Kamet Ventures’ Michael Niddam gives his advice for start-ups, from opportunities for innovation to why it’s important for entrepreneurs to take time away from the hot seat.

Amadeus partners with Setoo to offer personalised insurance to travellers

Setoo’s AI-powered solution integration will allow travel agents using the Amadeus Travel Platform to provide travellers with the most relevant protection

La téléconsultation se met aux objets connectés pour faire entrer le médecin chez vous

Préconisée pendant le confinement, la téléconsultation a enfin réussi à pénétrer dans le quotidien des Français. Malgré cette croissance soudaine, cette pratique possède encore de nombreux freins qui empêchent son développement.

Holiday warning: Medical expert shares what to do if you get ill abroad this winter

HOLIDAYS abroad have always come with their fair share of risks, but the pandemic makes travelling that bit trickier.

Giving back Covid-19 and beyond

When Kamet was founded almost 5 years ago, our mission was simple: to help solve people’s #painpoints through creative and #disruptive ingenuity. Since then we have built 19 ventures focused on everything from #fertility and #aging to #fleetsafety and access to #lifeinsurance.

NHSx unveils first winners of £50m AI in Health and Care Award

The developers of more than forty AI-powered healthcare products are set to take a cut of a new £50m NHS innovation fund.

Israel’s Ibex Medical Analytics Deploys in Puerto Rico, establishing a foothold in the Americas

Its Galen Prostate solution helps pathologists with more accurate diagnoses and improves lab efficiency

Tips on how to land funding during the pandemic, from Europe’s VCs

Back in April, in the eye of the pandemic storm, we asked European VCs and angel investors How is coronavirus impacting the funding landscape for startups?

Following the science: the role of venture builders after Covid-19

As Published in UKTN By Michael Niddam, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kamet Ventures As startups and investors face uncertain times, venture builders offer […]

Small is the next big thing : by Michael Niddam

As we eagerly await updates about potential vaccines for COVID-19 that could enable a return to ‘normal’ life…

Maddyness profiles Kamet Ventures

Dans le paysage foisonnant de l’investissement, les fonds se multiplient… et ne se ressemblent pas.

Survey suggests that real recovery will take a year or more

`The startup ecosystem will take a year or more to fully recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with economic and political risk…

Disruptive Opportunities with Genuine Relevance to Insurance

GCV spoke with Michaël Niddam, co-founder and managing director of Kamet Ventures about the intersection of health care and insurance tech.

Startup government support measures: Rated by Michael Niddam

The pandemic has hit the startup world hard. With even well-established later-stage companies struggling to keep on an even keel during the crisis, government support packages…

QFLF: Maddyness on Kamet Ventures

We invent. We incubate. We scale. We build. These are the four pillars that form the foundations of Kamet Ventures…

Beyond telemedicine — how healthcare gets personal

As more doctors switch to video consultations, a slew of new diagnostics and monitoring technologies are making healthcare more personal.

The Future of Venture Building in a post-Covid World

Covid-19 is impacting the world of venture creation, with ripple effects on the wider entrepreneurship ecosystem…

Coronavirus Shines a Spotlight on Telemedicine

Digital medicine is making strides towards the mainstream as people seek remote healthcare in an effort to avoid hospitals and clinics

Air Doctor scores $7.8M to connect travellers with local doctors

Air Doctor, the health tech startup that connects travellers with local doctors, has raised $7.8 million in Series A funding.

Entrepreneurs: Apricity’s Caroline Noublanche on providing fertility health support the digital way

e global spread of coronavirus has forced us all indoors and seeking digital alternatives to face-to-face interactions…

“Femtech” moves beyond the fertility app

It was the popularity of fertility tracking apps like Clue and Ava Health that first peaked the interest of global investors in femtech startups catering for overlooked women’s issues.

What the future holds for insurance and healthcare

Making data smart can lead to a number of advantages including better insights into risk and pricing, a more streamlined sales process to avoid repetitive form filling, improved understanding of…

Insurtech startup Akur8 raises $8.9M from BlackFin and MTech Capital

Far from replacing humans, Artificial Intelligence is actually coming to the aid of a very old profession that has fallen out of fashion to such an extent that people are increasingly not joining it. I speak of the rarified world of the Actuary.

Budget 2020: What does the Red Box mean for UK tech firms?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak today unveiled a raft of new fiscal measures as he vowed to deliver on the government’s promise of “levelling up” the UK.

Israeli start-up Ibex helps detect cancer using AI

Ibex offers an important contribution in facing two challenges, the shortage of pathologists and the occurrence of human errors

Meet Kamet’s Newest Entrepreneur in Residence: Ben Prouty

Following a whirlwind career building three of the most exciting ventures in the London start-up scene, Ben Prouty has joined Kamet Ventures as our latest entrepreneur in residence!

Medloop secures €6M from Kamet Ventures and AXA for self-service patient app

As featured on TechCrunch Medloop, which allows patients to manage healthcare needs and providers, has secured €6 million from Kamet Ventures and AXA. […]

The best product is no product

By David Adams, Product Development Lead The best UX is no UX. The best code is no code. Pretty much everything I, and […]

Stephane Guinet

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made? -An Insurtech Venture Makes The Case For Startup Studios

The entrepreneur of popular mythology is a buccaneering character – ambitious, independent, just a little arrogant and brimming with disruptive ideas. And if […]

Go left — great acquisition and onboarding beats a great product

By David Adams, Product Development Lead Source: Nick Fewings via Unsplash   Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend a Design Sprint […]

AXA-Backed Kamet Taps Israeli Health Ministry Exec for Insurtech Incubator

Until recently, Ravit Warsha Dor served as head of innovation at the Israeli health ministry’s digital health department.

A weekend spent talking about the ‘Future of Health’ in the land of fire and ice

Earlier this month I participated in a truly unique conference – an outdoor weekend-adventure in Iceland…

Creating a high performing product organisation

By David Adams, Product Development Lead When you’re building a product, it’s tough to avoid the distractions and stay focused. Getting your entire […]

Wanted: entrepreneurs to run multimillion-pound tech startups

Kamet turns the traditional seed capital model on its head by developing disruptive ideas itself and then finding entrepreneurs to lead them. Oh, and they’re backed with…

The red alert approach to product development

By David Adams, Product Development Lead Launching new products is really hard. Each year around 30,000 new products are introduced, of these, 95% […]

Behind Kamet Ventures’ people-centric approach to building startups

The AXA-backed startup incubator supports talented founders before they have a business idea, leading to such success stories as the virtual fertility clinic Apricity

Omio chooses Setoo to transform its travel insurance offering in the UK

Setoo will enable Omio to easily create, distribute and test personalised, transparent insurance offerings according to […]

Protection and mortgage advice firm Albany Park has announced that it has joined forces with Anorak Technologies.

Albany Park partners with Anorak to offer online advice

Protection and mortgage advice firm Albany Park has announced that it has joined forces with Anorak Technologies.

London ‘Virtual Fertility Clinic’ Apricity raises €6M

The firm’s latest round brings the total raised by the AI-powered fertility tech to €8.8m Billed as the world’s first virtual fertility clinic, […]

Anorak in Business Insider

Anorak ranked among the top 10 hottest fintech startups in the world by Business Insider

It graduated from Accenture’s fintech innovation lab earlier this year, and is present on Starling’s and Yolt’s marketplace, where it will likely be able to gain more traction.

qare latribune

La startup Qare lève 20 millions d’euros

Pionnière en France depuis 2016, la startup Qare annonce une levée de fonds de 20 millions d’euros pour séduire les praticiens et se faire connaître du grand public


Insurtech Setoo takes off with Invia Flights Germany

Travel insurtech Setoo has gained its first customer to utilise its platform for personalised offers.


Padoa, l’outil numérique qui reforme la santé au travail

Depuis le mois de mars 2018, les salariés du cher réalisent en autonomie la pré-visite individuelle dispensée par l’apst18 grâce à padoa. Une organisation interne simplifiée pour une performance décuplée de l’analyse des données collectées.


Birdie Raises €7M To Keep The Elderly Living At Home

Agetech startup Birdie secures €7 million Series A to help elderly adults live independently. This London-based startup, is building a holistic home care platform to help the older adults live independently in their own homes, using apps and connected devices to track their well-being.


Anorak appoints Paul Evans as non-exec director

Ex-Group CEO of AXA’s global life, savings and health business, Paul Evans, has been appointed as non-executive director of smart data technology provider Anorak

Anorak raises £5M Series A for its life insurance advice platform

The U.K. startup building a life insurance advice platform, has raised £5 million in Series A funding. It brings the total raised by Anorak to £9 million. The round is led by Kamet Ventures, the tech incubator.


Anorak is awarded Most Innovative Life / Health Insurance Firm of the Year.

Great win. Anorak is awarded “Most Innovative Life / Health Insurance Firm of the Year” at Life Insurance International Innovation Awards 2018


Padoa lève 20 millions d’euros

Un an après une première levée de fonds de 5 millions d’euros, la startup Padoa lève à nouveau 20 millions d’euros auprès de ses investisseurs historiques.


Insurtech startup Setoo closes $9.3M Series A

Setoo announces it has closed a $9.3 million Series A funding round, bringing the total amount raised to date to €10.3million ($12 million). The main investor is Kamet, AXA’s ‘Insurtech’ startup studio.

New key partnership for Anorak

Anorak on board with Yolt the fintech owned by ING to put people back in control of their money!


Starling Bank and Anorak have joined forces

The mobile-only bank and the smart life insurance adviser team up to offer Starling customers fast and easy access to personalised, transparent, impartial and regulated life insurance advice.


Interview de Stéphane Guinet par l’Argus de l’assurance

Stéphane Guinet détaille le mode de fonctionnement de Kamet, la fabrique de start-up lancée par AXA.


Qare à l’honneur sur M6

M6 présente Qare la solution de télémédecine.


Qare et Pharma Express s’associent !

Nouveau partenariat stratégique pour Qare


Ibex, the First Ever AI-based Digital Pathology Cancer Diagnosis System

First AI pathology diagnostic system up and running in clinical setting

Qare, sous les projecteurs dans les Echos

Qare, sous les projecteurs dans les Echos

Qare veut faciliter l’accès des Français à la télémédecine

Portrait de la start-up Qare dans l'Usine Digitale

Portrait de la start-up Qare dans l’Usine Digitale

La start-up parisienne Qare a déployé en France sa plateforme dédiée à la télémédecine. Un service proposé en plein débat sur le remboursement des vidéo-consultations par la sécurité sociale.


Redefine The Insurance Game

Michael Niddam Executive Partner Kamet Ventures, David Vanek CEO Anorak, French Founders event

Qare, Nouvel acteur d'avenir de la Télémédecine

Qare, Nouvel acteur d’avenir de la Télémédecine

La jeune pousse Qare permet au patient de se connecter à distance sur une plateforme de vidéo consultation sécurisée. Chaque consultation donne lieu à un compte rendu écrit.

Fin tech

Kamet ventures @ the 2018 Paris Fintech

Stéphane Guinet, Founder and Managing Partner of Kamet Ventures will be speaking at the Paris Fintech Forum on the Main Stage


Anorak, spotted by Techcrunch!

Anorak has been spotted by Techcrunch as the latest ‘insurtech’ company to pick up funding in the U.K. The London-based startup is on a self-described mission to “build the world’s smartest independent insurance adviser”


Anorak has secured £4m seed funding

Anorak Technologies Limited, the smart data company secures £4 million to make life insurance more accessible in the UK.


Meet David Lescure, our newest Partner

Before joining Kamet, David was Chief Financial Officer of, a global online retail destination for men’s style


Padoa s’immisce dans les failles de la santé du travail

Créée en novembre 2016, Padoa propose aux entreprises, pour un coût équivalent, d’optimiser l’organisation de la santé du travail.

Europe 1

Europe1 reçoit Cédric Mathorel, CEO de Padoa

Europe1 reçoit Cédric Mathorel, CEO de Padoa dans l’émission de Raphaëlle Duchemin, Label Entreprise.


Meet Cédric Mathorel, our newest Partner

Cédric Mathorel joins Kamet’s ecosystem as the CEO of Padoa, an innovative occupational health platform.


Birdie is born!

The ambition of Birdie is to help dependent elders live longer, safer and happier in their own home.


Qare raises 6M€ Series A

Qare raises €6m in Series A round to empower patients wherever they are by offering access to a holistic set of personalized medical services.


Meet Limvirak Chea, our newest Partner

Before joining Kamet, Limvirak Chea was CEO of Streetlife, acquired by Nextdoor in a multi-million pound deal in 2017.


Meet Frederic Dermer, our newest Partner

Before joining Kamet, Frederic was head of Product at BlaBlaCar.


Meet Tiina Bjork, our newest Partner

Before joining Kamet, Tiina was Creative Director at AKQA leading and mentoring multi-disciplinary teams. She’s passionate about making useful and beautiful digital products/ services.


Rencontre Les Echos et Stéphane Guinet qui présente les premiers résultats du startup studio KAMET

Un peu plus d’un an après sa création, le « start-up studio » d’AXA a vu éclore ses premières jeunes pousses.


Rencontre Business Insider et Stéphane Guinet lors de Paris Fintech Forum 2017

A l’occasion du Paris Fintech Forum cette semaine, Kamet a présenté ses trois premières startups


Meet the KAMET team @ Paris Fintech Forum

KAMET team will be at Paris Fintech Forum, the main Fintech event in Europe with 2 round tables !


Meet Caroline Noublanche, our newest Partner

Before joining Kamet, Caroline was Vice-President at Doro AB Group, the global leader in senior telecom market.


Padoa raises 5M€ Series A

Padoa raises €5m in Series A round to reinvent health at work and prevention.

David V

Meet David Vanek, our newest Partner

Before joining Kamet, David was Chief Financial Officer at, the leading UK-based designer furniture e-commerce player in Europe.

Insurtech isarel

The first-ever Israeli InsurTech competition is launched!

Kamet is partnering with VC fund Jerusalem Venture Partners and AXA Strategic Ventures, a venture capital platform backed by AXA to launch the First Insurtech Israel Competition.


Fixter raises 6M€ Series A

Fixter raises €6m in Series A round to make car care simple for customers and more profitable for independent garages by leveraging technology.

Qare is born

Qare is born!

Qare is reinventing the access to High-Quality Medical Services for patients.


Ibex is born!

Ibex is using artificial intelligence and computer vision for improving the efficiency and accuracy of cancer diagnostics.


Fixter is born!

Empowered by technology, Fixter provides routine car maintenance at the same or lesser cost to an independent garage whilst delivering full peace of mind and the ultimate in service.

Viva tech

La rencontre ITespresso et Stéphane Guinet lors de VIVA Technology 2016

VIVA Technology : Rencontre avec l’instigateur du start-up studio Kamet, rattaché au groupe AXA, qui veut créer des nouveaux services et métiers dans le secteur de l’assurance.


Meet Sarah Youssouf, our newest Partner

Sarah is Head of Marketing and Product design at Kamet.


Kamet, The beginning!

The digital revolution is transforming the entire insurance value chain.